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"Grown in our own greenhouses"

Annuals and Perennials grown in our own greenhouses.

15,000 Geraniums available in many varieties and 4 sizes.

5,000 flats of annuals available in 100’s of varieties.

4,000 Hanging Baskets, many varieties to choose from.

5,000 pots of Perennials with over 200 varieties.

Wide selection of designer terra cotta pottery and garden gifts.

Custom Planting in your container or ours.

 Note: Local delivery only. No out-of-state shipping on our plants is available.

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We grow only the best plants from:


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Christmas in the Garden Center


About the Garden Center

Our garden center is well stocked with garden giftware and items to fill all your gardening needs. The display is set with all these items all year ‘round to allow for garden gifts to be given for all occasions.

Pottery – Terra cotta, high quality plastic and light weight styro-pots. Everything from basic to the more decorative patio pots.

Statuary – Upscale garden statuary both functional and for display in a wide variety of shapes and finishes, such as, sprinklers, key keepers, stepping stones, garden message rocks and garden animals from such manufacturers as Henri Studios, Stone Garden, Goose Creek and Robinson Ransbottom.

Garden Hardscapes – Garden clocks, thermometers, gazing balls, sundials, garden stakes and rain gauges from Whitehall and Stone Garden.

Fountains – Both tabletop and large outdoor sculpture-like courtyard designs from Massarelli's and Alpine.

Birds needs – Birdbaths, feeders and houses with a built in squirrel proof weight bar. We also have a new line of drippers/misters to create movement on the water to attract more birds.

Windchimes – The song of the wind is captured with our tuned windchimes from Weatherland Chimes and Music of the Spheres.

Iron gates & Trellis – Black or green trellis and arbor gates offer an inviting path into your garden from Jomoco.

Weather vanes – Copper and patina, large scale weather vanes and smaller shepherd hook vanes with eagles, ships and cranes from Good Directions.

Gardener’s Care Products – Pamper your skin and protect it with gardener’s lotion, soap and cleanser. Also a full line gardener’s gloves.

Chemicals – Protect and improve your plantings with a wide variety of fertilizers, additives, insecticides and fungicides from Fertiloam.












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