Holiday Open House 2021
Due to Covid 19, we will not be able to have our traditional Holiday Open House all in one day. Instead, we will be celebrating our open house every day beginning November 2nd.
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Jack's Fertilizer

Item # 120
Jack\'s Fertilizer
Jack\'s Fertilizer
Jack\'s Fertilizer
Jack\'s Fertilizer
Jack\'s Fertilizer
Jack\'s Fertilizer
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  • BLOSSOM BOOSTER  is professionally formulated for more flowers and brighter colors on all outdoor and indoor plants. Includes minor nutrients, too. Comes in a plastic tub with water resistant label.
  • PETUNIA FEED is specially formulated for iron hungry crops such as petunia, calibrachoa, bacopa, nemesia, diascia, scaevola and others. Feeds through both the roots and the leaves.
  • HYDRANGEA BLUE is a unique combination of high quality nutrients as well as acidifying ingredients needed to produce a lush-leafed BLUE flowering hydrangea. Includes micronutrients and 50% aluminum sulfate. 
  • ORCHID SPECIAL High nitrogen balance for orchids grown in fir bark. Includes micronutrients. 
  • HOUSE PLANT SPECIAL Designed to get the most from flowering houseplants and foliage plants. Includes micronutrients. Feeds both the roots and the leaves.