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Due to Covid 19, we will not be able to have our traditional Holiday Open house all in one day. Instead, we will be celebrating our open house every day beginning November 7th.
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Proven Winners Premium Potting Soil 1.5cf

Item # 119
Proven Winners Premium Potting Soil 1.5cf

Proven Winners® Premium All Purpose Potting Soil
Proven Winners Premium Potting Soil is a professional grade soil for gardeners use made from a blend of composted bark, premium Canadian Sphagnum peat moss and horticultural grade perlite.  

The 1.5 cubic ft. bag comes premixed with Proven Winners 15-7-15 + Minors Premium Continuous Release Plant Food, which provides a continuous nutrient release to help ensure consistent feeding while providing a base level of nutrition. Contains dolomite lime to buffer soil pH, and a wetting agent for thorough water distribution.  

The result is a medium weight mix with excellent air porosity and drainage - all important features to give you the best growth and most vibrant, colorful flowers, and healthy vegetables.  Note – to achieve optimal growth results with both products, we recommend using a Premium Water Soluble Plant Food every 1-2 weeks after planting.